Perchase Information


How will the images be printed?

Photographs are taken and printed digitally; using archival fine art papers and archival pigment inks.

How long can I expect to wait for my Print?

Once the order has been receaved the print will be posted within X days in a solid cardbaord tube.....

Why don't you sell mounted or framed photographs?

I am only able to make a small amount of extra proffit from framed image and due to the small scale buisness the aditional costs and problems ossosiated with posting a glass frame or mounted image is not risk effective. If you want a framed photograph then you can vist me at one of the numerus venues where I display my work.

Can I have larger photographs printed, printed on differnt paper or on canvas?

You certainly can. Unforchanutly I do not have the facilites to print them myslef so they are not offered by defualt, but if you contact me directly we can certainly organise it.

What if my order has been damaged or lost?



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